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ZWO M54 Adapter - ZWO-D70-M54F

ZWO M54 Adapter - ZWO-D70-M54F

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The ZWO M54 Adapter ZWO-D70-M54F is designed to replace the Electronic Filter Wheel (EFW) and enable the Off-Axis Guider Large Prism (OAG-L) to be connected to a color cooling camera. This adapter achieves 55mm back focus and is suitable for astrophotographers looking for a professional setup.

Made of high-quality materials, the M54 adapter has a sturdy build and is built to last. It allows for a seamless connection between the OAG-L and color cooling camera, ensuring optimal performance and precise guiding.

With a threaded M54 male interface, this adapter ring easily screws onto the OAG-L and connects to the color cooling camera with a female M54 thread. It also features a CS port for added versatility in connecting other accessories.

This adapter is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and high-quality connection between their OAG-L and color cooling camera. Upgrade your astrophotography setup with the ZWO M54 Adapter ZWO-D70-M54F.


Type: Monocular

Brand Name: ZWO

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