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Askar ZWO EAF Autofocusing Kit For FMA180 Pro

Askar ZWO EAF Autofocusing Kit For FMA180 Pro

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🚀 Elevate Your Astrophotography with Precision: Introducing the Askar ZWO EAF Autofocusing Kit for FMA180 Pro!

⚙️ Enhanced Automatic Focusing: As electronic devices revolutionize astronomical observation and astrophotography, the Askar FMA180 PRO AF Kit takes center stage. Specifically designed for the FMA180 PRO lens, this kit seamlessly integrates with ZWO's EAF (electronic automatic focuser), unlocking automatic and ultra-precise focusing capabilities. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and embrace effortless, accurate focusing for your astrograph.

🛠️ Comprehensive Kit Components: The FMA180 PRO AF Kit includes essential components to optimize your astrophotography setup:

  • A black square bracket for sturdy EAF support.
  • Synchronous belt for seamless operation.
  • Synchronous pulley for precise focusing.
  • Locking screws for added stability.
  • Two M6 x 8 cap screws for secure mounting.
  • Four M4x8 button head screws for versatile installation.

🌌 Improved Efficiency and Accuracy: This kit empowers astronomy enthusiasts to focus the astrograph with ease, enhancing the overall accuracy and efficiency of astronomical observation and astrophotography. Achieve unparalleled results as you capture the wonders of the cosmos in exquisite detail.

🔧 Simple Installation Steps: Follow these straightforward steps to install the FMA180 PRO AF Kit:

  1. Remove the original black dovetail plate and finder base from the FMA180 PRO.
  2. Securely connect the EAF bracket and the FMA180 PRO using M4x8 button head screws.
  3. Connect the synchronous pulley and EAF with M3 x 2 locking screws.
  4. Insert the EAF with the synchronous pulley into the bracket.
  5. Install the synchronous belt over the FMA180 PRO and synchronous pulley.
  6. Adjust the position of the EAF and secure it with M4x8 button head screws.
  7. Place the FMA180 PRO with the bracket on the vixen swallowtail plate and secure it with M6 x 8 cap screws.

📸 Note: FMA180 PRO and ZWO EAF shown in pictures are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in this kit.

Unleash the full potential of your astrophotography setup with the Askar ZWO EAF Autofocusing Kit for FMA180 Pro. Upgrade to precision, efficiency, and ease, and capture the celestial beauty with unmatched clarity. Elevate your stargazing experience today! 🌌🔭📷


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