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Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask For FMA230 / FMA180 PRO

Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask For FMA230 / FMA180 PRO

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Unlock Precision Focus with the Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask:

Achieving perfect focus is essential for capturing stunning astrophotography, and the Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask is your key to achieving that precision focus. Designed specifically for the FMA230 and FMA180 PRO telescopes, this Bahtinov mask is a valuable tool for astronomers and astrophotographers.

Compatibility Note:

  • For FMA180 PRO: This Bahtinov mask is tailor-made for the new version of the FMA180 PRO. It ensures a perfect fit and accurate focusing, enhancing your astrophotography experience.
  • For FMA230: The FMA230 Bahtinov mask comes in two thread options to suit your specific needs. Choose between the new M62 thread or the old M54 thread, depending on your telescope configuration.
  • Lens Hood Varieties: The FMA230 lens hood is available in two varieties: M580.75 (old version) and M620.75 (new version). Select the one that matches your telescope's thread for seamless compatibility.

Precision Plastic Construction:

Crafted from high-quality plastic material, this Bahtinov mask ensures durability and precision. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and attach to your telescope, allowing for effortless focusing adjustments.

Askar's Original Bahtinov Mask:

The Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask is an original product designed to meet the unique requirements of astrophotography. It provides the precise focusing aid you need to capture celestial objects with exceptional clarity and detail.

Elevate Your Astrophotography:

Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or just beginning your journey, the Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask is an indispensable tool. Achieve pinpoint focus on stars, planets, and deep-sky objects to capture breathtaking images of the cosmos.

Order Your Bahtinov Mask Today:

Don't let fuzzy or out-of-focus astrophotos hold you back. Elevate your astrophotography game with the Sharpstar Askar Bahtinov Mask designed for the FMA230 and FMA180 PRO telescopes. Ensure your images are sharp, clear, and ready to impress. Order your Bahtinov mask now and experience the difference precision focus makes in your astrophotography endeavors.

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