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ZWO Seestar s50 Solar Filter

ZWO Seestar s50 Solar Filter

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Introducing the ZWO Seestar s50 Solar Filter – your gateway to safe and mesmerizing solar observation with the Seestar S50 camera! Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this polymer solar filter is the quintessential accessory for any enthusiast looking to explore the wonders of the sun without compromising on safety or image quality.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Seestar S50, this solar filter ensures that your camera sensor and optics remain safeguarded from the intense radiation of the sun. Its innovative construction features a metal-coated exterior coupled with absorbing material in the substrate, providing unparalleled protection and clarity during solar viewing sessions.

The ZWO Seestar s50 is more than just a telescope – it's a portable, user-friendly marvel that empowers enthusiasts of all levels to embark on celestial journeys with ease. Whether you're capturing mesmerizing shots of the Moon, Sun, galaxies, or nebulae, the Seestar s50 delivers unparalleled performance at an affordable price point. Weighing in at just 6.6 lbs (3 kg), its compact and lightweight design ensures that you can explore the wonders of the universe from any location, anytime.

With the free mobile app, setting up your Seestar s50 and capturing awe-inspiring images has never been simpler. In just minutes, even novices can unleash their inner astrophotographer, sharing their cosmic discoveries with the world – no prior astronomy experience or dark skies required!

But what truly sets the ZWO Seestar s50 apart is its compatibility with the groundbreaking Solar Filter – an essential accessory for safe and mesmerizing solar observation. Crafted with precision, this polymer solar filter is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your Seestar s50, ensuring that your camera sensor and optics remain unscathed while you explore the radiant beauty of the sun.

Featuring a metal-coated exterior and absorbing material in the substrate, the ZWO Seestar s50 Solar Filter boasts a bandpass of 580-630nm and a remarkable blockage capability of 99.999%. Prepare to be astounded as solar details come to life, revealing intricate features such as sunspots with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Conveniently housed within the Seestar s50's case, the solar filter is readily accessible whenever you're ready to embark on a solar viewing adventure. Unlike the built-in Light Pollution Filter, the solar filter must be physically mounted onto the front of your Seestar s50, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your equipment.

Remember – never point your Seestar s50 at the sun without the solar filter securely attached. Doing so risks irreversible damage to the image sensor, jeopardizing your ability to capture the cosmos in all its glory.

Elevate your astronomical pursuits with the ZWO Seestar s50 Solar Filter – because every moment spent gazing into the heavens deserves to be both breathtaking and safe. Experience the universe in a whole new light with ZWO – where innovation meets exploration.


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