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ZWO T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter

ZWO T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter

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Introducing the ZWO T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter – an essential accessory designed to enhance the versatility of your astrophotography setup. This adapter, proudly presented by ZWO, allows seamless integration of 1.25-inch filters into your imaging system, providing astrophotographers with greater control and flexibility in capturing the wonders of the night sky.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility:

    • The T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter is designed to accommodate 1.25-inch filters, expanding the range of accessories you can incorporate into your astrophotography setup. Achieve greater control over your imaging with the flexibility to use a variety of filters.
  2. Precision Thread Design:

    • Featuring an outer M420.75 male thread and an inner M28.50.6 female thread, this adapter ensures a secure and precise connection. The threads are crafted to the highest standards, providing a stable platform for your filters without compromising image quality.
  3. Slim and Lightweight Design:

    • With a thickness of just 3mm, the T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter adds minimal bulk to your imaging train. Its slim and lightweight design allows for a compact and efficient setup, ensuring that your equipment remains agile and easy to handle.
  4. ZWO Quality Assurance:

    • As a product from ZWO, a trusted name in astrophotography equipment, the T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter comes with the assurance of quality and reliability. ZWO is synonymous with precision, and this adapter lives up to the brand's commitment to excellence.

Enhance Your Astrophotography Experience: Elevate your astrophotography endeavors with the ZWO T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter. This essential accessory empowers you to customize your imaging system, opening up new possibilities for capturing celestial phenomena with enhanced clarity and precision.

Seamless Filter Integration: Enjoy seamless integration of 1.25-inch filters into your astrophotography setup. The T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter provides a secure connection, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate different filters to enhance your imaging capabilities.

Precision Threads for Stability: Benefit from the precision-engineered threads of this adapter, ensuring a stable and secure connection between your camera and filters. The high-quality threads maintain the integrity of your imaging system, contributing to the clarity and sharpness of your astro-images.

Compact and Lightweight Design: Designed with astrophotographers in mind, the T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter boasts a slim and lightweight profile. This compact design adds minimal weight and bulk to your setup, allowing for greater maneuverability and ease of use during your astrophotography sessions.

ZWO Quality Assurance: Trust in the quality assurance that comes with the ZWO brand. The T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter is crafted to meet the high standards set by ZWO, ensuring reliability and durability for astrophotographers who demand excellence from their equipment.

Invest in Precision and Versatility: Upgrade your astrophotography setup with the ZWO T2-1.25″ Filter Adapter. Invest in precision, versatility, and the renowned quality of ZWO, and experience a new level of control over your imaging system. Capture the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and detail, thanks to this essential accessory from ZWO.


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