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Baader T2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body

Baader T2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body

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Unlock the full potential of your telescope with the Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body #2456100. This precision-engineered star diagonal offers exceptional optical performance, making it an essential tool for both planetary and deep-sky observations.

Key Features:

  1. Maxbright Dielectric Mirror: Experience minimal light scatter and superior reflectivity with the Baader Maxbright all-dielectric mirror coating. Achieving an impressive 99% photo-visual reflectivity, this mirror ensures high-contrast views of celestial objects.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: The T-2 Maxbright diagonal body is designed to adapt seamlessly to various telescope systems. With standard T/T-2 threads at the input and output faces, you can customize your setup with Baader Planetarium T-2 adapters and accessories to suit your specific needs.

  3. Compact Design: Boasting a clear aperture of 34mm, this diagonal offers a compact size and short optical path. It's ideal for situations where space is limited, ensuring your telescope remains highly adaptable.

  4. Durable Construction: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the T-2 Maxbright diagonal features a sital-ceramic glass substrate. The zero expansion mirror substrate maintains its true flatness, even well in front of the image plane, without astigmatism.

  5. Long-Lasting Coatings: Baader's Maxbright mirror coatings are renowned for their longevity and scratch resistance. These coatings are harder than the glass itself, ensuring they retain their high reflectivity over time.

  6. High-Contrast Views: This diagonal excels at reducing scattered light and wavefront errors, making it perfect for high-contrast and high-magnification observations of planets, the Moon, and double stars.

  7. Configuration Flexibility: The T-2 Maxbright diagonal allows you to tailor your setup to your preferences. Configure the telescope side for 2" or 1.25" focusers, or attach it directly to telescopes with specific threads, such as M44 Zeiss threads or Vixen OTAs. On the eyepiece side, choose from 1.25" eyepiece holders or quick-change rings for binoviewer compatibility.

Elevate your astronomical observations with the Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body. Enjoy sharp and high-contrast views of the night sky while benefiting from its versatility and durability. Enhance your stargazing experience and capture the beauty of the cosmos with this exceptional diagonal.

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