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Baader T2 90° Deluxe Astro-Grade Amici Prism Diagonal

Baader T2 90° Deluxe Astro-Grade Amici Prism Diagonal

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Enhance your stargazing and terrestrial observations with the Baader T-2 90° Deluxe Astro-Grade Amici Prism Diagonal Body # 2456130. This precision-engineered diagonal body is designed to provide high-quality, correct-image views of celestial and terrestrial objects.

Key Features:

  1. Astro-Grade Amici Prism: This diagonal body features a Zeiss-spec Amici prism, known for its precision and ability to deliver high-quality astronomical images even at higher magnifications.

  2. Configurable Design: The diagonal body is highly versatile and can be configured with 1.25” and 2” Baader T-2 nosepieces, 1.25” eyepiece holders, and other accessories (not included) to accommodate a wide range of telescopes and applications.

  3. Baader Sealed BBHS Coatings: The Baader BBHS (Broad-Band Hard Silver) coating on the hypotenuse of the prism ensures high reflectivity and long-lasting performance, even in challenging conditions.

  4. Crisp Correct-Image Views: Ideal for both celestial and terrestrial viewing, this diagonal provides correct-image views of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects.

  5. Clear Aperture: With a full 31mm clear aperture, this diagonal minimizes vignetting and accommodates various 1.25” eyepieces.

  6. Precision Machining: The diagonal's aluminum housing is precisely machined to ensure stress-free mounting and accurate prism positioning.

  7. Configurable Threads: T/T-2 threads on the input and output faces allow for compatibility with Baader Astro T-2 System components and other T-threaded adapters, making it easy to tailor the diagonal to your specific needs.

  8. Effective Optical Path: The diagonal body has an effective optical path length of 47.5 mm and weighs just 7.3 oz (206g).

Enjoy correct-image views with high contrast and sharpness, whether you're observing celestial wonders or terrestrial landscapes. The Baader T-2 90° Deluxe Astro-Grade Amici Prism Diagonal Body is designed to meet the demands of discerning astronomers and terrestrial observers. Upgrade your telescope setup and experience superior image quality today!

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