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Takahashi Prism Diagonal

Takahashi Prism Diagonal

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Takahashi 1.25" Diagonal Prism star diagonal 90 degrees

The Takahashi 1.25" Diagonal Prism star diagonal is a high-quality accessory for astronomy enthusiasts. This diagonal provides a 90-degree angle to the light path, making it ideal for comfortable viewing. The 1.25" barrel size is compatible with most telescopes and eyepieces.

The prism is made of high-quality optical glass that provides clear and crisp images with high contrast. The internal housing of the diagonal is also precision machined to ensure a stable and secure connection to the telescope.

The 1.25" barrel of the diagonal features a brass compression ring to hold the eyepiece firmly in place and prevent slippage. The diagonal also features a convenient thumbscrew to easily adjust the position of the eyepiece.

Whether you are observing the moon, planets, or deep space objects, the Takahashi 1.25" Diagonal Prism star diagonal is an essential accessory for any telescope setup. It provides a comfortable viewing angle and high-quality optics to enhance your observing experience.


Weight(kg): 0.3

Type: Telescope

Size: 1.25" Diagonal

Model Number: TKA00547

Manufacturer: Takahashi

Lens Type: Refractive

Certification: CE

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