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Takahashi FOA-60 to FOA-60Q Extender

Takahashi FOA-60 to FOA-60Q Extender

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Takahashi FOA-60 to FOA-60Q upgrade kit (Extender R 1.7x) - TKA28595

Upgrade your Takahashi FOA-60 telescope to a new level of excellence with the Takahashi FOA-60 to FOA-60Q Upgrade Kit featuring the Extender R 1.7x (TKA28595). This innovative kit, comprising the FOA-60 Extender 1.7XR, revolutionizes your telescope experience, unlocking unparalleled clarity and magnification capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Focal Length: The Extender R 1.7x transforms your FOA-60 telescope into the advanced FOA-60Q model, boasting an impressive final focal length of 901 mm. This extended focal length opens the door to capturing distant celestial objects with remarkable precision.

  2. Exceptional Optical Performance: With a Strehl ratio exceeding 99 percent across almost the entire visible spectrum, this upgrade ensures superior optical performance. Experience breathtaking clarity and sharpness in your observations, even with the telescope's modest aperture.

  3. High Magnification: Despite its compact size, the upgraded FOA-60 telescope, paired with the Extender R 1.7x, allows for magnifications of up to 300 times. Witness intricate details on the lunar surface, planetary features, and deep-sky wonders with astounding magnification capabilities.

  4. Crystal-Clear Images: Enjoy crystal-clear images and explore the cosmos with unparalleled depth. Whether you're an amateur astronomer or a seasoned stargazer, this upgrade kit elevates your observational pursuits to new heights.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Number: TKA28595
  • Compatible Telescopes: Takahashi FOA-60
  • Focal Length: 901 mm (after upgrade)
  • Magnification: Up to 300x (depending on eyepiece used)
  • Optical Quality: Over 99% Strehl ratio

Upgrade your stargazing experience with the Takahashi FOA-60 to FOA-60Q Upgrade Kit (Extender R 1.7x). Dive into the wonders of the universe and capture breathtaking images with the enhanced capabilities of your upgraded telescope. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the cosmos closer than ever before. Elevate your astronomical adventures and embark on a celestial journey like no other.


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