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Takahashi Reducer-C 0.72X For FS-60CB F/5.9 to F/4.2

Takahashi Reducer-C 0.72X For FS-60CB F/5.9 to F/4.2

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Takahashi Reducer-C 0.72X FOR THE FS-60CB F/5.9 to an F/4.2 wide field imaging instrument TKA20580B

Looking to upgrade your astrophotography setup? The Takahashi Reducer C 0.72X is a powerful tool for transforming your FS-60CB telescope into a wide-field imaging instrument. This premium quality reducer is designed to reduce the focal ratio of your telescope from F/5.9 to an F/4.2, providing a wider field of view and allowing you to capture more of the night sky in each shot.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Takahashi Reducer C is built to last and deliver outstanding performance. This reducer comes with the added benefit of being compatible with a range of Takahashi accessories, making it a versatile addition to any astrophotography setup.

Upgrade your astrophotography game with the Takahashi Reducer C 0.72X and start capturing stunning images of the cosmos with greater ease and clarity.

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