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Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Flattener

Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Flattener

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The Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Flattener 1.01x is an essential accessory for astrophotography enthusiasts. It is designed to work seamlessly with the FSQ-85EDX refractor telescope, delivering sharp and clear images with perfect color correction across the entire field of view.

This flattener uses advanced optical elements and coatings to minimize aberrations, distortions, and color fringing, ensuring that your images are crisp and true to life. With a 1.01x magnification factor, it maintains the original focal length and aperture of your telescope, while also flattening the field and eliminating any curvature of field that may be present.

The Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Flattener 1.01x is easy to install and use, and it comes with all the necessary adapters and hardware to attach it to your telescope. Whether you're capturing stunning images of the moon, planets, or deep-sky objects, this flattener will help you achieve your goals with ease.

Invest in the Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Flattener 1.01x for a hassle-free and enjoyable astrophotography experience.


Origin: JP(Origin)

Model Number: TKA37582

Certification: CE

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