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Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer 0.66x for FC-100DF

Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer 0.66x for FC-100DF

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Unlock New Astrophotographic Horizons with the Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer 0.66x for FC-100DF - TKA19580!

Are you an avid astrophotographer looking to take your celestial imaging to the next level? Look no further! The Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer, part number TKA19580, is the perfect accessory to enhance your astrophotographic capabilities, specifically designed for use with the FC100DF and older FS102/FS128/FS152/FC-100 Triplet and FC-125 Triplet Telescopes.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Excellence: The FC35 0.66x Focal Reducer is expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate with the FC-100DF telescope, delivering exceptional imaging performance.
  • Faster Focal Ratio: Transform your telescope's focal length to 485mm at a remarkable f/4.9, which represents a 34% reduction in the original focal length. This enhancement allows you to capture more light and achieve stunning astrophotographs with ease.
  • Generous Field Flatness: The FC35 Focal Reducer produces a field that remains flat to within an incredible 20 microns over a 35mm full frame. Say goodbye to distortions and enjoy sharp, detailed images across the entire frame.

Capture the Cosmos in Unprecedented Detail:

The Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer 0.66x for FC-100DF - TKA19580 is your gateway to a world of astrophotographic possibilities. Whether you're capturing distant galaxies, nebulae, or celestial landscapes, this focal reducer ensures that every image is a masterpiece.

Invest in the Takahashi FC35 Focal Reducer today and embark on an astrophotographic journey filled with breathtaking captures. Expand your horizons, explore the wonders of the universe, and make every astro-image a work of art.


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