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Takahashi TOA-35 Focal Reducer For TOA130

Takahashi TOA-35 Focal Reducer For TOA130

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Introducing the Takahashi TOA-35 Focal Reducer 0.7x for TSA/TOA - For TOA130 (TKA31580NS) – the ultimate tool to enhance your astrophotography experience. Designed with precision and engineered for perfection, this reducer is a game-changer for astronomers and astrophotographers alike, allowing you to capture the cosmos in unprecedented detail.

Key Features:

1. Superior Optics, Exceptional Performance: The Takahashi TOA-35 0.7x reducer features a cutting-edge design with 4-elements in three groups. Incorporating low dispersion, high refractive index glass for two of the elements, this reducer effectively reduces the focal length by a factor of 30 percent. Experience sharper, clearer images with every capture.

2. Stunning Star Clarity and Flat Field: With the TOA-35 reducer, expect 3-micron stars in the center of the field and 6-micron stars at the edge, delivering unparalleled clarity. The result? Astounding astrophotographs with pinpoint stars across the frame. The very flat field ensures uniform focus and image quality throughout your photographs.

3. Enhanced Color Correction: Experience improved color correction across all models. The TOA-35 reducer enhances the vibrancy and accuracy of celestial colors, bringing your astronomical images to life. Revel in the true beauty of galaxies, nebulae, and planets, captured with exceptional color fidelity.

4. Tailored for Various Models: The TOA-35 Reducer is meticulously designed for compatibility with TSA102, TSA120, TOA130, and TOA150 telescopes. Regardless of your telescope model, this reducer ensures seamless integration, maximizing the potential of your equipment and delivering outstanding results.

5. Impressive Specifications:

  • Focal Length (TOA-150): 775 mm
  • Focal Length (TSA-102): 575 mm
  • Focal Length (TSA-120): 635 mm
  • Focal Ratio (TOA-150): f/5.2
  • Focal Ratio (TSA-102): f/5.6
  • Focal Ratio (TSA-120): f/5.3
  • Image Circle (All Models): 44 mm
  • Metal Back Distance (All Models): 68.5 mm

Takahashi Product Number: TKA31580NS

Unleash the full potential of your telescope with the Takahashi TOA-35 Focal Reducer 0.7x for TSA/TOA - For TOA130 (TKA31580NS). Elevate your astrophotography to new heights, capturing the wonders of the universe with unparalleled clarity, precision, and color fidelity. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your astronomical visions into breathtaking reality. Order now and embark on a cosmic journey like never before.


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