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Baader 2" 90° Erecting Amici Prism Clicklock Diagonal

Baader 2" 90° Erecting Amici Prism Clicklock Diagonal

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Upgrade your telescope experience with the Baader 2" 90° Erecting Amici Prism ClickLock Diagonal #2456120. This precision-engineered diagonal is designed to provide high-quality, correct-image views of celestial and terrestrial objects, making it ideal for both astronomers and terrestrial observers.

Key Features:

  1. Zeiss-Spec Amici Prism: The Zeiss-spec Amici prism ensures precision and high-quality astronomical images even at higher magnifications. Its polished smooth and flat faces eliminate astigmatism, providing symmetrical and sharp images.

  2. Baader Sealed BBHS Coatings: The BBHS (Broad-Band Hard Silver) coating on the diagonal's hypotenuse enhances reflectivity and durability. It prevents reflectivity degradation due to dew or dust, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  3. Clear Aperture: With a full 44mm clear aperture, this diagonal minimizes vignetting and can accommodate most 2" eyepieces, delivering high-contrast and bright views.

  4. ClickLock Eyepiece Holder: The 2" ClickLock eyepiece holder offers secure and hassle-free operation. A simple 20-degree twist of the rubber knurled ring with a fingertip lever securely clamps 2" eyepieces in place using a 3-point clamping mechanism.

  5. Crisp Correct-Image Views: Whether you're observing the Moon, planets, or deep-sky objects, this diagonal provides crisp, sharp, and high-contrast views. It is perfect for matching your observations with astronomical charts and lunar maps.

  6. Configurable Design: The diagonal's T/T-2 threads on both input and output faces allow compatibility with a range of Baader Astro T-2 System components and other T-threaded adapters, providing flexibility for various telescope setups.

  7. Effective Optical Path: The diagonal has an effective optical path length of 80mm and weighs 23 oz (650g), making it a versatile and lightweight addition to your telescope.

Enhance your stargazing and terrestrial observations with the Baader 2" 90° Erecting Amici Prism ClickLock Diagonal. Experience the convenience of correct-image views without sacrificing image quality. Upgrade your telescope setup and enjoy clear, crisp, and high-contrast images of celestial and terrestrial objects today!

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