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Baader UV/IR Cut Filter

Baader UV/IR Cut Filter

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Baader UV/IR Cut Filter - Unleash the True Beauty of the Cosmos

Explore the celestial wonders with the Baader CMOS-Optimized UV/IR Cut L-Filter, a technological marvel designed for 1.25" eyepieces. This precision-crafted filter enhances your astrophotography experience by providing unparalleled clarity and protection for your digital and CCD/CMOS cameras.

Main Features:

  1. UV/IR Cut (420 – 685 nm): Enjoy a crystal-clear view of the universe with a filter that blocks harmful thermal radiation in the infrared spectral range.
  2. Enhanced Contrast: The CMOS-optimized design ensures increased contrast, perfectly matched for typical CMOS quantum efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio.
  3. Reflex-Blocker™ Coatings: Experience freedom from halos, even under adverse conditions, thanks to the Reflex-Blocker™ coatings that elevate your astrophotography to new heights.
  4. 98% Transmission: Revel in 98% light transmission over the entire visible spectrum (420 - 685 nm), preventing blurred star imaging and capturing the beauty of deep-sky objects.
  5. Blackened Edges: The blackened edges with a telescope-sided black outer rim eliminate reflections caused by light falling onto the filter's edge, ensuring optimal performance.
  6. Life-Coat™ Technology: Baader's exclusive Life-Coat™ technology offers a Limited-Lifetime Warranty for CMOS-optimized filters. The coatings are so durable that they resist moisture, temperature extremes, and are hardened to withstand normal cleanings.


  • Filter Thickness (without cell): 2mm
  • AR Coating: Reflex-Blocker™ hard-coated, plane optically polished
  • Special Features: CMOS-optimized with Life-Coat™
  • Filter Mount Choice: 1.25" round mounted in LPFC 6mm cell
  • Type of Filter: Bandpass
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