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Baader Flip Mirror II Star Diagonal

Baader Flip Mirror II Star Diagonal

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Introducing the Baader Flip Mirror II Star Diagonal #2458055 – a versatile and innovative accessory designed to streamline your telescope auxillary instrument setup. Whether you're an avid astronomer, astrophotographer, or spectroscopy enthusiast, this flip mirror diagonal enhances your workflow, reduces manual part swapping, and elevates your stargazing experience.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Ports for Versatility: The Baader Flip Mirror II (BFM II) offers not one but three ports, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different telescope accessories. Whether you need a straight light path for a camera, an angled path for an eyepiece, or connectivity for a calibration lamp or Off-Axis-Guider, this diagonal has you covered.

  2. Improved Workflow: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of manual part exchanges in the dark. With the BFM II, you can swiftly transition between various instruments, saving you precious time and minimizing wear on your equipment.

  3. Precise Optics: The BFM II features a fine-optically polished movable mirror, ensuring excellent optical performance for both visual observation and astrophotography.

  4. Adaptive Connections: This diagonal offers various inner and outer connection options, including threads, dovetail ring clamps, and more. It's compatible with S52, M48, T-2, and M42 x 0.75 connections, ensuring versatility in your setups.


  • Sku (#): 2458055
  • Optical Length (mm): 55mm with S52, 59mm with M48/T-2
  • Dimensions: 63 x 77 x 69mm
  • Weight (kg): 195g
  • Inner Connection (lens-sided): Thread, Dovetail Ring Clamp, S52, T-2 (M42 x 0.75), M48
  • Inner Connection (eyepiece/camera-sided): Thread, Dovetail Ring Clamp, M48, S52
  • Outer Connection (eyepiece/camera-sided): Thread, M48
  • Type Of Adapter: Variable

What's in the Box:

  • Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal with fine-optically polished, movable mirror
  • Laterally adjustable T-2a top ring
  • 2x M48i / S52 Dovetail rings made of hardened stainless steel #2958552
  • Reducing ring M48a / T-2i #2958553
  • Reducing ring M48a / T-2a #2958554
  • Inverter ring M48a / M48a #2958555
  • Pin type face wrench for M48 / T-2 and M4 counter nuts
  • 3mm screwdriver for M4 brass adjustment screws
  • 4x hex keys (2.5 / 2.0 / 1.5 / 1.3mm) with a ball head for accessing screws at angles
  • Bottom flange (laterally adjustable 1mm) for off-axis guiding or calibration lamp for spectroscopy
  • Dust cap for the bottom flange
  • 2x M48 dust caps
  • T-2 dust cap

Upgrade your telescope setup with the Baader Flip Mirror II Star Diagonal and enjoy the convenience, precision, and versatility it brings to your astronomical endeavors. Streamline your stargazing and astrophotography experiences – order yours today!

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