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Optolong UHC Clip Filter For Nikon

Optolong UHC Clip Filter For Nikon

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Transform Your Nikon Camera into a Celestial Wonder with the Optolong UHC Clip Filter – Unleashing the Beauty of the Night Sky!

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Compatibility: The Optolong UHC Clip Filter, meticulously crafted for Nikon D600/D610/D700/D750/D800/D800E/D810/D810A/DF cameras, ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance. Elevate your astrophotography experience with this specialized filter.
  2. Premium Light Pollution Suppression: Engineered as the best choice for light pollution suppression, the Optolong UHC Filter effectively enhances the contrast of deep sky objects while mitigating the impact of street lights and airglow. This Ultra High Contrast filter is your gateway to clearer and brighter photographic images.
  3. Scientifically Verified Spectral Characteristics: Optolong astronomical filters undergo rigorous inspection using a Shimadzu spectrophotometer, ensuring accurate and reliable spectral characteristics. This commitment to precision guarantees that your astrophotography captures the true brilliance of celestial wonders.

How the UHC Filter Works:

  • Boosts the contrast of deep sky objects.
  • Blocks wavelengths from mercury and sodium-vapor urban lighting.
  • Allows visible and H-Alpha emissions to pass through.
  • Permits O-III and H-beta lines while blocking sky background.
  • Enhances details and contrast in planetary and gas nebulae.

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Top-notch Features:

  • Ultra-thin Filter Cell: Minimizes vignetting by maximizing the clear aperture, ensuring a wide and unobstructed view of the night sky.
  • Aerometal Material: Crafted with precision using CNC machining, the filter boasts an aerometal construction with a sandblasting process, black anodized finish, and extinction treatment to prevent reflection. Laser engraving ensures longevity without fading.
  • Multi-layers Anti-reflection Coating: Enhances image clarity by minimizing reflections and improving light transmission.
  • Non-cementing Optical Substrate Coating: Provides durability and stability for long-term use.
  • Electron-beam Gun Evaporation: Utilizing Ion-assisted deposition coating technology, the filter excels in durability, scratch resistance, and stability on CWL (central wavelength), unaffected by temperature changes.
  • Planetary Rotation System: Precision and homogeneity in coatings are achieved through this advanced system, ensuring high transmission values in the pass-band and optimal optical density in the off-band.

Transform your Nikon camera into an astrophotography powerhouse with the Optolong UHC Clip Filter. Uncover the hidden beauty of the cosmos and capture it in stunning detail. Elevate your celestial photography game – order now!

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