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Optolong L-Quad

Optolong L-Quad

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Enhance your astrophotography experience with Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter, a quad bandpass light pollution suppression filter designed for color cameras. Suppress light pollution, improve contrast, and capture celestial bodies with higher detail. Perfect for wide field astrophotography and deep sky objects. Learn more!

Product Description: Discover the Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter, a cutting-edge quad bandpass light pollution suppression filter tailored for color cameras. Specifically engineered to combat the challenges posed by artificial and natural light sources, this filter takes your astrophotography to new heights by enhancing contrast and capturing intricate details of celestial bodies.

Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter (L-QEF)

Key Features:

1. Light Pollution Suppression:

Effectively suppress light pollution wavelengths, including those from mercury and sodium lamps, as well as natural skylight-induced effects. Achieve superior color balance and resistance to light pollution, allowing you to shoot in environments ranging from Bortle 1 to Bortle 7 levels.

2. Versatile Application:

Ideal for both wide field astrophotography, such as capturing the Milky Way in Summer and Winter, and deep sky objects including nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. The quad bandpass design maximizes color balance, ensuring optimal results for various celestial targets.

3. Image Enhancement:

Experience better suppression of starbursts, higher contrast, improved color saturation, and an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The filter's near IR cut-off at 1000nm reduces the effects of IR noise, contributing to clearer and more detailed images.

4. L-Quad Enhance Filter Spectrum:

Based on the characteristics of celestial bodies' emission lines and light pollution emission lines, the L-Quad Enhance Filter effectively minimizes the impact of light pollution. Save time during the shooting process and achieve incredible results with this advanced filter.


    Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter

    5. Superior Design:

    Constructed with optical glass, the filter boasts a thickness of 1.85mm and a blocking range of 300-1000nm. With a quad bandpass filter and blocking capabilities ranging from OD2 to OD4, the L-Quad Enhance Filter ensures optimal performance for a wide range of deep sky targets.

    6. Technical Specifications:

    • Substrate: Optical glass
    • Thickness: 1.85mm
    • FWHM: Quad bandpass filter
    • Blocking range: 300-1000nm
    • Blocking: OD2-OD4
    • Surface quality: 60/40
    • Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
    • Parallelism: 30"


    Upgrade your astrophotography setup with the Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter and witness the transformation of your celestial captures. Achieve unparalleled clarity, color balance, and detail, making your images stand out in the vastness of the night sky. Optimize your shooting process and explore the wonders of deep space with confidence. Choose the Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter for a truly immersive astrophotography experience.

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