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Optolong L-Pro 77mm

Optolong L-Pro 77mm

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Looking for an advanced filter to enhance your astrophotography experience? Check out the Optolong L-Pro 77mm filter, designed to improve the quality of your nighttime images.

The Optolong L-Pro 77mm filter is specially crafted to filter out light pollution, which can negatively impact the clarity and accuracy of your astrophotography. With its unique blend of multi-layer coatings, this filter enables you to capture stunning, high-contrast images of galaxies, nebulas, and other celestial objects.

The Optolong L-Pro 77mm filter is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses, making it a versatile and essential tool for any astrophotographer. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, this filter is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to take their astrophotography to the next level.

With its advanced technology and durable construction, the Optolong L-Pro 77mm filter is sure to become an essential component of your astrophotography setup. Don't settle for mediocre nighttime images - upgrade your gear today and capture stunning images of the cosmos with the Optolong L-Pro 77mm filter.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturing Excellence: Optolong employs fine polishing techniques, ensuring optical precision on both sides of the L-Pro 77mm filter. Achieving λ/4 wave and <30 seconds parallelism on both surfaces, this filter sets a new standard for precision in astrophotography.
  2. Advanced Cleaning Process: The substrate undergoes ultrasonic wave cleaning with 13 tanks of purified water. This meticulous process effectively removes impurities and dust, guaranteeing a pristine filter for optimal image quality.
  3. Iro Source Assisted Coating: The L-Pro 77mm is fortified with Iro Source Assisted Coating, providing durability, scratch resistance, and stability in CWL (central wavelength). Say goodbye to temperature-induced drift, ensuring consistent performance in various conditions.
  4. Strict Quality Testing: Each filter undergoes rigorous testing with a spectrophotometer and laser interferometer to validate its spectrum and wavefront. This commitment to quality ensures that every L-Pro 77mm filter in the market is a qualified product.
  5. Packaging Details: The L-Pro 77mm comes meticulously packaged in a silver carton with a PP plastic box and an imported high-pressure EVA sleeve liner. Optolong pays attention to every detail, ensuring your filter arrives in pristine condition.


Mode: L-Pro 77mm

Size: 77mm

Brand Name: Optolong

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