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Kase Wolverine Magnetic Light Pollution Filter 77mm 82mm

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Light Pollution Filter 77mm 82mm

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Experience True Colors in City Nightscapes with Kase Wolverine Magnetic Light Pollution Filter - 77mm and 82mm

Capture the vibrancy of urban vitality with the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Light Pollution Filter, available in sizes 77mm and 82mm. This innovative filter, featuring MC Graduated Neutral Night Light Pollution technology, enhances your city night photography by restoring the true colors hidden under the various lights.

Key Features:

  1. Combat Light Pollution:
    • Specifically designed to reduce artificial yellow light sources in city night scenes.
    • Blocks harmful light from mercury vapor, sodium, and street lights with low CRI index, restoring the true color of the night scene.
    • Enhances natural color performance, improving the overall purity of your images.
  2. Graduated Filtering Technology:
    • Addresses uneven exposure in night scene compositions with the upper sky and lower cityscape.
    • Balances the upper and lower light ratio, ensuring a harmonious and natural look in your photographs.
    • Saves time in post-processing by achieving a well-balanced exposure directly in-camera.
  3. Magnetic Installation:
    • Swift and easy operation with magnetic installation.
    • Equipped with a magnetic adapter ring for quick and secure attachment to your lens.
    • Effortlessly adapts to various shooting environments, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Select a magnetic adapter ring matching your lens size and secure it to the lens by threading.
  2. Bring the magnetic filter close to the magnetic transfer ring, and watch as the magnetic poles attract each other, completing the installation automatically.
  3. Properly position the filter with the black gradient area facing the stronger light source, balancing the light ratio for optimal exposure.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Magnetic Neutral Night Graduated Filter
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring

Embrace the city night scene with true colors and captivating clarity. Elevate your night photography effortlessly with the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Light Pollution Filter. Order now and let your urban compositions shine with the brilliance they deserve!


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