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NiSi Light Pollution Filter 40.5mm 46mm 49mm 52mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm

NiSi Light Pollution Filter 40.5mm 46mm 49mm 52mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm

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NiSi Light Pollution Filter Series: Transform Your Night Photography

Upgrade your night photography with the NiSi Light Pollution Filter series, available in a range of sizes from 40.5mm to 82mm. This innovative filter is specifically designed to combat urban yellow light pollution caused by mercury, sodium, and low CRI lampposts, providing a solution for both micro single lens and SLR cameras.

Key Features:

  1. Light Pollution Blocker:
    • The NiSi Light Pollution Filter effectively blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution, restoring the natural beauty of the night sky and eliminating the unnatural colors caused by artificial lights.
  2. Premium Optical Glass:
    • Crafted from high-quality, lens-grade optical glass, the filter ensures minimal reduction in sharpness, delivering crystal-clear images. The exclusive NiSi nano coating enhances transmittance and reduces flare for impeccable results.
  3. Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Coating:
    • Shoot in any weather condition with confidence. The Light Pollution Filter features an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, making it easy to clean and providing durability for long-lasting performance.
  4. Versatile Range:
    • Available in various sizes from 40.5mm to 82mm, the Light Pollution Filter adapts to different lenses, catering to the diverse needs of photographers.
  5. Nano Coating Treatment:
    • As part of the NiSi Nano Coating® range, this filter incorporates Nano Coating treatment to reduce reflections, eliminate flare, and facilitate easy cleaning with hydro-repellent and oil-repellent characteristics.
  6. Star Soft GND Compatibility:
    • Pair the Light Pollution Filter with the NiSi Star Soft GND to soften stars and constellations while maintaining high levels of definition across the field of view. Enjoy high-performing glass at a competitive price.

Elevate your night photography experience with the NiSi Light Pollution Filter series. Capture the true essence of the night sky with natural colors, unparalleled clarity, and reduced light pollution. Choose your size and bring your nightscapes to life!


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