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Optolong 2" ND3 Filter

Optolong 2" ND3 Filter

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The Optolong 2" ND3 filter is a high-quality neutral density filter designed for astrophotography. This filter is perfect for reducing the brightness of the moon, allowing you to capture more detail and color in your images. The ND3 filter has an optical density of 0.9, which means it reduces the light entering your telescope by three stops.

The Optolong ND3 filter has a 2" threaded ring and is compatible with most 2" eyepieces and telescopes. It is made from high-quality optical glass with multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings to ensure maximum light transmission and minimal reflections. The filter housing is made from high-quality aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced astrophotographer, the Optolong 2" ND3 filter is an excellent addition to your kit. Its ability to reduce brightness and increase contrast will help you capture stunning images of the moon and other celestial objects with ease.


Type: Monocular

Size: 2inch(50.8mm)

Brand Name: Optolong

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