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Optolong L-Pro Canon APS-C

Optolong L-Pro Canon APS-C

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Unleash the Cosmos in Stunning Detail with the Optolong L-Pro APS-C Clip Filter for Canon Cameras

Are you ready to elevate your astrophotography experience? Introducing the Optolong L-Pro APS-C Clip Filter, a revolutionary solution designed for Canon EOS cameras (7D Mark II, 80D/800D, 77D/70D/760D) that boasts unparalleled light pollution restraint and maximized transmittance of nebulae emission lines. Let's dive into the features that make this filter a game-changer for your celestial adventures.

L-Pro Filter Brilliance:

  • Professional Performance: L-Pro, derived from L-Professional, emphasizes the restraint of light pollution and the high transmittance of nebulae emission lines. Its multi-bandpass design, spanning the visible range of 400-700nm, sets the stage for an astrophotography experience like no other.
  • Versatile Visibility: L-Pro doesn't just focus on emission nebulae and reflection nebulae; it extends its prowess to objects with a continuous spectrum, making nebulae more visible even in light-polluted environments.
  • Visual Brilliance: L-Pro guarantees a substantial amount of nebula emission while efficiently blocking specific artificial lights, enhancing the contrast efficiency of celestial objects, not just their brightness. Ideal for CCD and DSLR cameras, it's your perfect companion for deep sky photography and wide-field astrophotography.
  • Spectral Excellence: Boasting high transmittance at OIII, Hβ, NII, Ha, and SII lines, L-Pro is effective in blocking city lights and other artificial lights, providing a clear view in heavy light pollution areas.
  • Production Precision: The filter undergoes meticulous optical double-sided polishing and precision optical coating processes to ensure high image quality. The metal frame, superior aviation aluminum construction, and sophisticated CNC molding deliver durability and precision.
  • User-Friendly: The L-Pro APS-C filter features a laser-engraved characteristic that never fades, providing enduring quality. Its multi-layer anti-reflection coating enhances image clarity, and the precise roll-off at light pollutant emission lines ensures optimal astrophotography performance.
  • Compatible Camera Models: Specifically designed for Canon EOS cameras, including 7D Mark II, 80D/800D, 77D/70D/760D/750D/700D, 650D/600D, 550D/500D, 400D, 100D/1100D/1200D/1300D. Note: Not compatible with EF-S camera lenses.
  • Safety First: A reminder that Optolong filters are not designed for solar observation. Never observe the sun with this filter to avoid serious eye damage.

What's in the Parcel:

OPTOLONG EOS-C L-Pro Filter securely packaged in a PP Material Plastic Box.

Elevate your astrophotography to new heights with the Optolong L-Pro APS-C Clip Filter. Order now and embark on a celestial journey like never before!

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