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OPTOLONG L-Pro NK-FF UT 0.3mm filter

OPTOLONG L-Pro NK-FF UT 0.3mm filter

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Looking for an effective way to reduce light pollution and capture stunning astrophotography? Look no further than the OPTOLONG L-Pro NK-FF UT 0.3mm filter! Specifically designed for use with cameras such as the D600, D610, D700, D750, and D800, this ultra-thin filter boasts a mere 0.3mm thickness, allowing for maximum light transmission while still effectively blocking light pollution.

The L-Pro filter utilizes advanced multi-coating technology to achieve excellent color balance and enhance contrast, making it the perfect choice for capturing vibrant and detailed images of deep sky objects, even in areas with heavy light pollution. With a 77mm filter thread and compatibility with a wide range of cameras and lenses, the OPTOLONG L-Pro NK-FF UT 0.3mm filter is the ultimate tool for any astrophotography enthusiast looking to take their images to the next level.


Type: Monocular

Size: NK-FF

Brand Name: Optolong

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