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ZWO Narrowband 1.25" Filter OIII 7nm

ZWO Narrowband 1.25" Filter OIII 7nm

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Looking for a way to capture stunning deep-sky objects? The ZWO Narrowband 1.25" Filter OIII 7nm can help! Designed to enhance the visibility of Oxygen-III emission lines, this filter can help you capture stunning images of diffuse nebulae and supernova remnants.

This filter features a narrowbandpass of 7nm, which is perfect for isolating the OIII line at 500.7nm. The filter's multi-layer coating ensures high transmission rates, minimizing light pollution and improving image contrast. This results in vivid and detailed astrophotography that highlights the stunning details of deep-sky objects.

The filter's 1.25" diameter makes it a perfect match for most standard telescopes and imaging setups. And its robust construction ensures it will withstand frequent use and handling.

Get ready to capture the stunning beauty of deep-sky objects with the ZWO Narrowband 1.25" Filter OIII 7nm!


Type: Monocular
Size: 1.25inch(31.7mm)
Model Number: 1.25 OIII 7nm
Brand Name: ZWO
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