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ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm

ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm

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Introducing the ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm, the perfect addition to your astrophotography equipment. Designed specifically for CCD cameras with a 36mm filter wheel, these filters are ideal for capturing stunning, high-quality color images of celestial objects.

The ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm includes four filters, each with a specific wavelength range. The Luminance (L) filter allows for capturing black and white images, while the Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B) filters capture color information. With the combination of all four filters, you can achieve accurate color representation of deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

These filters are made of high-quality optical glass with a multi-layer anti-reflection coating, ensuring minimal distortion and maximum light transmission. The filters are also parfocal, meaning that they are optimized to maintain focus while switching between filters, making the process of capturing images much more efficient.

The ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm also come with a sturdy, compact storage case for safekeeping and easy transportation. Upgrade your astrophotography game and capture stunning, detailed images of the cosmos with the ZWO LRGB Filters 36mm.


Type: Monocular

Size: 36mm

Model Number: ZWO LRGB 36mm

Brand Name: ZWO

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