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ZWO 1.25 850nm IR Pass Filter

ZWO 1.25 850nm IR Pass Filter

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The ZWO 1.25" 850nm IR Pass Filter is designed for astrophotography with ZWO astronomy cameras. This filter is made with high-quality optical glass and features a multi-layer anti-reflection coating to reduce stray light and glare. The 850nm wavelength of this filter blocks visible light while allowing infrared light to pass through, making it ideal for capturing stunning images of deep-sky objects and planets.

The ZWO 1.25" 850nm IR Pass Filter is compatible with all ASI cameras and other cameras with a standard 1.25" filter thread. This filter is easy to install and remove, and its compact size makes it perfect for use with portable telescopes and astrographs.

Whether you're a professional astrophotographer or a hobbyist, the ZWO 1.25" 850nm IR Pass Filter is an essential tool for capturing high-quality images of the cosmos. So why wait? Add this filter to your collection today and start taking your astrophotography to the next level!


Type: Monocular

Size: 1.25inch(31.7mm)

Brand Name: ZWO

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