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Latitude Adjustment Base for AZ-GTI, Star Adventurer Mini Mount

Latitude Adjustment Base for AZ-GTI, Star Adventurer Mini Mount

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Unlock New Celestial Horizons with the Latitude Adjustment Base for AZ-GTI and Star Adventurer Mini Mount

Choose your optimal stargazing configuration with our Latitude Adjustment Base, tailor-made for those seeking precision and flexibility in their astrophotography setup. Whether you're exploring the northern or southern hemispheres, this adjustable base is your key to unlocking the cosmos with the AZ-GTI and Star Adventurer Mini Mount.


  • Versatile Options to Suit Your Needs:
    • Options A – PT5C Only: The essential Latitude Adjustment Base for standalone use.
    • Options B – Latitude Base and Plate (for PT6C): Complete set for optimal performance with PT6C.
    • Options C – The Thread Interface Only: Thread interface for custom configurations.
    • Options D – PT5C and Plate (for PT5C): Precision with the PT5C mount.
    • Options E – AZ-GTI Main + Plate (for PT5C) + PT5C + iOptron Latitude Base: Comprehensive setup for enhanced capabilities.
    • Options F – PT6C and Plate (for PT6C): Perfect alignment for PT6C users.
    • Options G – Only Plate 1 (for PT6C): Dedicated plate for PT6C compatibility.
    • Options H – Only Plate 2 (for PT5C): Standalone plate for PT5C users.
    • Options I – Only Plate 3 (for PT6C + PT5C): Flexible plate for dual-mount configurations.
    • Options J – PT6C Only: Exclusive set for PT6C enthusiasts.
    • Options K – Slanted Dovetail Plate: For a unique slanted dovetail configuration.
    • Options L – iOptron Latitude Base: Specialized base for iOptron compatibility.
    • Options M – iOptron Latitude Base and Plate (for PT5C): Complete set for seamless integration.


  • Compatibility: Designed for latitudes above 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south.
  • Latitude Scale: Adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees.
  • Package Contents: Latitude Adjustment Base x1, Connection Plate x1.
  • Weight: 650g (before packing).

Tip: The newest base slot features two white strips for easy identification.

Choose the configuration that suits your celestial aspirations and witness the universe in all its splendor. Elevate your astrophotography experience with the Latitude Adjustment Base – where precision meets limitless exploration.


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