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Skywatcher Reducer 0.85x Evostar 72ED

Skywatcher Reducer 0.85x Evostar 72ED

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Unlock the full potential of your telescope with the Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED—an essential tool for astrophotographers and observers seeking optimal performance.

Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED: Enhance Your Celestial Experience

  1. Optimized for EvoStar 72ED: Tailored specifically for the EvoStar 72ED telescope, this 0.85x Corrector Reducer/Flattener is designed to complement and enhance your optical setup. Achieve superior imaging and observation results with this precision-engineered reducer.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: The Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED is compatible with both APS-C and full-frame sensors, offering versatility for photographers and observers alike. Recommended for APS-C (crop sensors) and smaller, this reducer ensures compatibility with a range of camera setups.

  3. Efficient Light Gathering: With a 55mm back focus, this reducer/flattener optimizes your telescope's performance. Experience a significant drop in f/ratio from the native f/5.8 (420mm) to a faster f/4.93 (355mm), allowing for more efficient light gathering and improved image quality.

  4. Reduced Exposure Time: Enhance your astrophotography workflow with a 38% reduction in exposure time compared to the native f/5.8 configuration. Capture stunning images with shorter exposure times, minimizing the impact of tracking errors and maximizing your imaging efficiency.

  5. Expansive Field of View: Immerse yourself in the cosmos with an expansive field of view. When used with a full-frame camera, enjoy a wide 5.8 x 3.87-degree field of view. For APS-C crop sensors, the field of view remains impressive at 3.79 x 2.53 degrees, providing a comprehensive perspective of the night sky.

  6. Easy Installation: The Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED includes a convenient thread-on adapter for easy mounting to the EvoStar 72ED focuser. Enjoy a hassle-free setup and start capturing or observing celestial wonders in no time.

Upgrade Your Sky-Watching Experience: Maximize the potential of your EvoStar 72ED telescope with the Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED. Whether you're an astrophotographer or a dedicated observer, this reducer ensures optimal performance, reducing exposure times and providing a broader field of view.

Don't miss out on celestial marvels—order your Sky-Watcher Reducer 0.85x EvoStar 72ED today and take your stargazing or astrophotography to new heights!


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