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Skywatcher AZ-GTI Mount EQMOD PC Connect Cable

Skywatcher AZ-GTI Mount EQMOD PC Connect Cable

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Upgrade Your Skywatcher Experience with the AZ-GTI EQMOD Cable

Unlock the full potential of your Skywatcher Telescope AZ-GTI Mount with the Skywatcher AZ-GTI Mount PC Connect EQMOD Cable. This cable is specially designed to replace the hand control cable, providing a direct and seamless connection between your PC or laptop and the AZ-GTI mount. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional hand control and embrace the advanced capabilities that this cable brings to your astronomy setup.

Key Features:

  1. PC Connectivity for Auto Guide:

    • Connect your PC or laptop (via USB) directly to your Skywatcher AZ-GTI mount for auto guide functionality. Specifically designed for the AZ-GTI mount, this cable streamlines the connection process for hassle-free auto guiding.
  2. Built-in FTDI Chip:

    • Equipped with a built-in FTDI chip, this cable ensures compatibility and support across various operating systems. It seamlessly integrates with Windows (Win7/8/10/XP), iOS, Linux, and Android, providing a versatile solution for different setups.
  3. USB to RJ12/6P6C Interface:

    • Replace the hand control box cable with just one USB cable connecting to the AZ-GTI mount. The USB to RJ12/6P6C interface cable simplifies the cable arrangement, minimizing clutter and maximizing convenience.
  4. EQMOD Cable for Advanced Control:

    • This cable supports EQMOD functionality, allowing for advanced control and precision. Flash the EQ mode firmware to take advantage of the enhanced features offered by EQMOD.
  5. Operating System Support:

    • Enjoy broad compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. The cable is designed to support a wide range of systems, ensuring a smooth and reliable connection.
  6. Easy Driver Installation:

    • The cable features automatic driver installation for supported operating systems. If needed, download drivers from FTDI Chip Website. Installation guides are available at Installation Guides.
  7. Benefits of PC Control:

    • Experience faster telescope control compared to traditional hand controllers. Utilize visual aids for locating celestial objects, and identify unknown celestial bodies with the help of planetarium software. Ideal for imaging sessions lasting longer than quick exposures.
  8. Wicked Cool Upgrade:

    • Elevate your astronomy game with this wicked cool cable that brings advanced control, precision, and convenience to your Skywatcher telescope setup.

Upgrade your Skywatcher Telescope AZ-GTI Mount to new heights with the AZ-GTI EQMOD Cable. Enhance your control capabilities, streamline your setup, and enjoy the convenience of PC connectivity for auto guiding. Embrace the future of astronomy with this essential cable designed to make your stargazing experience truly exceptional.

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