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SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Mount

SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Mount

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Embark on a seamless celestial journey with the Sky Watcher AZ-GTi Multi-Purpose GoTo WiFi Altazimuth Mount – a state-of-the-art solution for astronomy enthusiasts seeking precision, versatility, and ease of use. This mount is your gateway to exploring the night sky with unmatched accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Resolution: Boasting an impressive 2073600 Counts/Rev and 0.625 arc-second resolution, the AZ-GTi ensures detailed and crisp observations of celestial objects.

  • Encoder Technology: With a resolution of 1068 Counts/Rev and approximately 20 arc-minutes for Aux. R.A./Dec. Axis Encoders, the Freedom-Findβ„’ Dual-Encoder Technology guarantees precise tracking and alignment.

  • Tracking Rates: Choose from a variety of tracking rates, including Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, and Alignment-Free Solar Tracking, allowing you to effortlessly follow celestial objects across the night sky.

  • Slew Speeds: The AZ-GTi offers multiple mount slew speeds, ranging from 0.5X to an impressive 800X, providing the flexibility to capture a diverse range of astronomical subjects.

  • Motor and Gear Ratio: Powered by a reliable DC Servo Motor with a gear ratio of 6480, the mount ensures smooth and accurate movements, delivering a superior observational experience.

  • Power Requirement: With a power requirement of DC 7.5~14V and 0.75A, the AZ-GTi is designed for efficiency, ensuring prolonged exploration of the cosmos.

  • Network Protocol: Seamlessly connect and control your mount through the UDP network protocol on Port 11880, offering convenience and flexibility in your astronomical pursuits.

  • Tripod or Pier: Please note that the mount does not include a tripod or pier, providing you with the flexibility to choose the support system that best suits your needs.

Unleash the full potential of your astronomical adventures with the Sky Watcher AZ-GTi Multi-Purpose GoTo WiFi Altazimuth Mount. Elevate your stargazing experience, capture breathtaking moments, and navigate the cosmos with unparalleled precision. Your journey into the celestial realms awaits – start exploring today!


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