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Unleash Precision Imaging with ZWO ASI715MC: Capturing the Cosmos in Stunning Detail

Introducing the ZWO ASI715MC Color Planetary Camera, a revolutionary imaging device engineered for unparalleled sensitivity and high-resolution performance. Designed with astronomical and microscopic photography in mind, this camera combines cutting-edge technology with advanced features to elevate your imaging experience.

Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity and 4K Resolution: The ASI715MC boasts a 1/2.8" sensor with an impressive 8.46-megapixel resolution, delivering stunningly detailed images of planets and smaller deep-sky objects. With a pixel size of 1.45μm, this camera captures intricate celestial or microscopic details with exceptional clarity.
  2. Sony STARVIS Technology: Leveraging Sony's STARVIS technology, the ASI715MC achieves low readout noise (0.72e) and ultra-high sensitivity. This technology makes it an ideal choice for capturing the subtle nuances of astronomical subjects and microscopic specimens.
  3. USB 3.0 Transmission Interface: Equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, the camera ensures high-speed and stable data transmission. The built-in 256MB DDR cache further enhances data transfer reliability, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.
  4. High Transmission Speed: The USB 3.0 port provides a 5Gb bandwidth, enabling the ASI715MC to run at an impressive 45.1fps (10bit, high-speed mode). This high transmission speed ensures that you never miss a moment, whether observing planets or delving into microscopic realms.
  5. ST Guide Port: The ST4 port enables seamless connectivity with the auto-guide port of your mount for precise guiding. This feature ensures that your imaging setup remains steady, even during longer exposures.
  6. Low Readout Noise: The ASI715MC excels in minimizing readout noise, including pixel noise, circuit noise, and ADC quantization noise. Lower readout noise enhances the overall image quality, making it a reliable choice for demanding imaging applications.
  7. Quantum Efficiency (QE): Boasting a peak QE of approximately 80%, the ASI715MC ensures efficient light capture for improved signal-to-noise ratios. This high QE, coupled with low readout noise, enhances the camera's performance across various imaging scenarios.


  • Sensor: 1/2.8″ SONY IMX715 CMOS
  • Resolution: 8.46 MP 3864X21292
  • Pixel Size: 1.45µm
  • Read Noise: 0.72e
  • Full Well: 6.03ke
  • QE Peak: 80%
  • Interface: USB3.0
  • ADC: 12bit
  • Max FPS: 45.1fps

Elevate your astrophotography and microscopy endeavors with the ZWO ASI715MC Color Planetary Camera. From planetary wonders to microscopic marvels, every detail comes to life with precision and clarity. Uncover the beauty of the cosmos and beyond – start your imaging journey with the ASI715MC today!


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