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ZWO ASI183MC Pro Color Astronomy Camera

ZWO ASI183MC Pro Color Astronomy Camera

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The ZWO ASI183MC Pro is an advanced astronomy camera designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. It features a high-resolution 20.18-megapixel CMOS sensor and 2-stage TEC cooling system that reduces thermal noise, enabling you to capture stunning deep-sky images with incredible detail.

The ASI183MC Pro also comes equipped with a USB 3.0 interface that allows for high-speed data transfer and a low read noise of 1.6e. It supports a wide range of exposure times, from 32 microseconds to 2000 seconds, making it ideal for capturing images of faint objects.

This camera also includes advanced features such as an anti-dew heater and an electronic shutter that eliminates the need for a mechanical shutter, reducing vibration and improving image quality. It is compatible with a variety of telescopes and lenses, thanks to its M42 and M48 threaded adapters.

Whether you're a professional astronomer or an amateur astrophotographer, the ZWO ASI183MC Pro is a powerful tool that will take your deep-sky imaging to the next level.


Brand Name: ZWO

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