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The ZWO ASI120MM-S is a high-performance monochrome astronomy camera designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. Equipped with a sensitive CMOS sensor, this camera can capture stunning images of the night sky with exceptional detail and clarity. With its compact and lightweight design, the ASI120MM-S is the perfect choice for those looking to capture stunning images of the cosmos without the need for bulky equipment.

This camera boasts an impressive 1.2-megapixel resolution and a high-speed USB 3.0 interface for rapid data transfer. It also features a standard ST4 guide port for precise autoguiding during long-exposure astrophotography sessions. The ASI120MM-S is compatible with a wide range of telescopes and comes with an array of advanced features and settings to help you capture stunning images of the cosmos.

Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or a beginner looking to explore the wonders of the night sky, the ZWO ASI120MM-S is the perfect choice for capturing breathtaking images of the cosmos. So why wait? Start exploring the cosmos today with the ZWO ASI120MM-S!


Model Number: ASI120MM-S

Brand Name: ZWO

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