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Samyang AF 12mm F2 Fuji

Samyang AF 12mm F2 Fuji

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Explore Limitless Perspectives with Samyang AF 12mm F2 Fuji Lens

Step into the vibrant world of Fujifilm X Series cameras with the groundbreaking Samyang AF 12mm F2 Fuji lens. As the world's first autofocus ultra-wide-angle lens designed for Fuji X-mount, this lens is a testament to Samyang's commitment to innovation and exceptional optical engineering.

Autofocus Tailored for Fujifilm X-Series: The AF 12mm F2 X lens is optimized for Fujifilm cameras featuring the X-Trans sensor, providing stable autofocus performance. Compatible with a range of Fujifilm X Series cameras, including X-H1, X-S10, X-pro 1, X-pro 2, X-pro 3, X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s, X-E3, X-E4, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, X-T10, X-T20, and X-T30, this lens ensures seamless integration for Fuji enthusiasts.

Wide-Angle Magic with Samyang's Expertise: Designed with Samyang's optical design technology, the AF 12mm F2 X lens captures landscapes with a mesmerizing ultra-wide-angle of view of 99.1°. It brings out the rich colors of Fujifilm, allowing photographers to create stunning wide-angle landscapes and snapshots that go beyond the norm.

Exceptional Image Quality: Equipped with advanced optics, including 5 special glasses (1 H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED), this lens minimizes optical aberrations, delivering exceptional resolution from the center to the edges of the frame. The 14-layer-special coating effectively reduces backlight haze, ensuring clarity and detail even at its maximum aperture of F2.

Compact & Lightweight Design: Weighing just 212g (7.5oz) and measuring 59.2mm (2.3in) in length, the AF 12mm F2 X lens strikes the perfect balance between portability and outstanding performance. With a modern matte finish and a discreet red ring, the lens complements the compact Fujifilm X-Series cameras, offering both aesthetics and functionality. The micro-patterned rubber focus ring enhances usability, while weather sealing and rear protective glass protect the lens from light rain, snow, and dust.

Artistic Background Blur and Bokeh: The large-diameter aperture of F2 provides a smooth background blur, effectively separating the subject from the background with a shallow depth of field. The 7-blade design produces natural bokeh and an impressive starburst effect, adding an artistic touch to your ultra-wide images.

Versatile Minimum Focusing Distance: With a minimum focusing distance of 20cm (0.66ft), this lens opens up creative possibilities for capturing architecture, tabletop scenes, and unique perspectives. Get closer to your subject and explore a world of creative imaging.

Fast and Quiet Autofocus Performance: Experience accurate and rapid autofocus with Samyang's Linear STM (Stepping Motor). The lens operates quietly and smoothly, making it ideal for both photographers and videographers. Especially advantageous for video shooting, the AF 12mm F2 X lens is suitable for use on gimbals, offering a seamless blend of performance and convenience.

Step into the Fujifilm X universe with the Samyang AF 12mm F2 Fuji lens – where cutting-edge technology meets artistic expression. Capture the extraordinary, one frame at a time.


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