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Samyang AF 12mm F2 Sony E

Samyang AF 12mm F2 Sony E

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Unleash the power of astrophotography with the revolutionary Samyang AF 12mm F2 Sony E lens, designed exclusively for Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras like A9II, A7IV, a7SII, A6600, A7R3, and A7RIII. Elevate your photography with the world's first autofocus 12mm lens compatible with E mount, boasting exceptional image quality and cutting-edge features.

Astrophotography-Centric Innovation: Tailored for APS-C users, the AF 12mm F2 E lens is a dream come true for astrophotographers. With a wide-angle view of 99.1°, this lens captures the beauty of starry nights and landscapes in perfect harmony. The bright F2 aperture ensures faster shutter speeds, allowing you to crystallize clear and round star shapes against the cosmic canvas.

Exceptional Optical Resolution: Delve into the realm of exceptional resolution with the advanced optical design of the AF 12mm F2 E. Featuring 5 special elements, including 1 H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED, this lens delivers unparalleled image quality from the center to the edges, even at its maximum aperture. The 14-layer special coating minimizes backlight haze, ensuring crisp and detailed images.

Compact & Lightweight Design: Weighing only 213g (7.5oz) and measuring 59.2mm (2.3in) in length, the AF 12mm F2 E is the lightest and smallest AF 12mm lens on the market. Its compact and modern design, with features like a matte finish and a discreet red ring, make it a perfect match for compact APS-C cameras with gimbals. The lens is designed with a weather-sealing feature and rear protective glass, making it resilient against dust, light rain, and snow, allowing you to capture stunning images in any condition.

Impressive Depth of Field and Bokeh: The bright F2 aperture not only excels in low-light conditions but also creates a beautifully blurred background, separating the subject and the surroundings. The 7-blade circular aperture contributes to a natural-looking bokeh and an impressive starburst effect, adding an artistic touch to your ultra-wide images.

Short Minimum Focusing Distance: Get up close and personal with a short minimum focusing distance of 0.19m (0.62ft). Capture quirky portraits, delectable food shots, and intriguing indoor scenes with creative flair. Step closer to your subject and explore new perspectives with ease.

Fast and Quiet Auto Focus: Experience the seamless integration of autofocus with the Samyang Linear STM (Stepping Motor). This technology ensures not only accuracy and speed but also quiet and smooth focus transitions. Ideal for both photos and videos, the AF 12mm F2 E lens is a perfect match for compact APS-C cameras and gimbals, delivering superb autofocus performance.

Elevate your astrophotography game with the Samyang AF 12mm F2 Sony E lens – where innovation meets precision, and every shot becomes a masterpiece.


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