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Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Astrophotography

Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Astrophotography

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Embark on Celestial Adventures with Samyang 85mm F/1.4 Astrophotography Lens

Capture the stars in all their splendor with the Samyang MF 85mm F/1.4 UMC, a manual focus telephoto lens designed for Sony A/E, Canon, Nikon(AF), M4/3, and Pentax K Mount Cameras. Unleash your astrophotography aspirations with a lens that combines precision, versatility, and the renowned Samyang optical excellence.

Key Features:

  1. Astrophotography Precision: Elevate your astrophotography game with the Samyang 85mm F/1.4, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled precision in capturing the night sky. The manual focus capability ensures you have complete control over your compositions, allowing you to fine-tune your focus for stunning astro-images.

  2. Bright F/1.4 Aperture: The wide F/1.4 aperture not only excels in low-light conditions but also provides a razor-thin depth of field, allowing you to isolate celestial subjects with breathtaking clarity. Whether you're capturing constellations, galaxies, or the moon, this lens ensures your astrophotography is infused with brilliance.

  3. Versatile Telephoto Reach: With an 85mm focal length, this telephoto lens offers versatile framing options for your astrophotography endeavors. Zoom in on specific celestial details or compose expansive shots of the night sky – the Samyang 85mm F/1.4 provides the flexibility you need for diverse cosmic compositions.

  4. Universal Camera Compatibility: Designed for compatibility with a range of camera mounts, including Sony A/E, Canon, Nikon(AF), M4/3, and Pentax K, this lens ensures that astrophotographers using different camera systems can harness its power. Enjoy a seamless experience, regardless of your camera preference.

  5. Ultra Multi-Coating (UMC) for Optical Excellence: The lens features Samyang's Ultra Multi-Coating (UMC), enhancing light transmission and minimizing flare and ghosting. Experience crystal-clear images with rich contrast, ensuring your astrophotography reflects the true beauty of the cosmos.

Ignite Your Astrophotography Passion: Step into a world of celestial wonders with the Samyang 85mm F/1.4 Astrophotography Lens. Whether you're capturing distant galaxies, the mesmerizing Milky Way, or the intricate details of the moon's surface, this lens empowers you to turn your astrophotography visions into reality. Seize the night and let the Samyang 85mm F/1.4 be your companion on the journey through the cosmos.


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