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Rokinon 135mm vs Samyang 135

Rokinon 135mm vs Samyang 135

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Rokinon 135mm vs. Samyang 135mm - Identical Lenses

When it comes to selecting the perfect lens for your photography needs, the choice between Rokinon 135mm and Samyang 135mm may seem like a tough decision. Let's dive into the details of these lenses, exploring the similarities and differences that photographers should consider.

Rokinon 135mm vs. Samyang 135mm: Unveiling the Truth

The first and foremost revelation is that there is no difference between the two brands – Samyang sells them under a variety of names. They are identical lenses, offering the same exceptional performance and features. This means you can expect fantastic image quality and an unparalleled shooting experience, regardless of whether you choose Rokinon or Samyang.

Quality Variation: Navigating the Samyang Landscape

While the lenses themselves may be identical, it's crucial to acknowledge the quality variation that exists among Samyang lenses. Some users have reported issues with certain copies, necessitating replacements. The good news is that, for many, the 135mm lens stands out as a gem with excellent LoCA (chromatic aberration) correction. To ensure you get the best experience, opt for the cheapest version you can find, and be prepared for potential quality variations. Fortunately, many photographers find the Samyang lenses to be an excellent bang for the buck, despite this potential weakness.

User Experiences: Gems and Weaknesses of Samyang Lenses

Listening to the experiences of photographers who have walked this path can provide valuable insights. The lens's affordability and unique features, such as proper apochromatic performance and minimal bokeh fringing, make it a noteworthy investment.

Comparing Prices: Finding the Best Deal

Given that Rokinon and Samyang lenses are essentially the same. Keep in mind that Samyang lenses are often sold under different names like Bower and Vivitar, possibly to tap into diverse market segments. This strategy allows photographers to enjoy the lens's incredible features at a more accessible price point.

pleadias samyang 135mm

User Testimonials: Real-World Experiences Matter

Photographers who have already embarked on the Samyang journey share valuable insights. While some have faced challenges with quality control, others have found the lens to outperform more expensive alternatives. The lens's impressive image quality, smooth rendering, and quick autofocus on compatible cameras make it a strong contender in the competitive market.

Behold these captivating astrophotography images captured using the Samyang 135mm lens:opu Samyang 135mm

Conclusion: Making Your Decision

In the end, whether you choose Rokinon or Samyang, the 135mm lens offers an exceptional opportunity for stunning photography. Keep in mind the potential quality variations with Samyang lenses and consider real-world experiences shared by fellow photographers. Regardless of the path you choose, unlocking the full potential of these lenses may require a bit of patience, but the rewards in terms of image quality and affordability can be truly remarkable.

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