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Hoya HMC UV Filter 82mm

Hoya HMC UV Filter 82mm

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Elevate your photography to new heights with the Hoya HMC UV Filter 82mm – a premium accessory designed for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with the utmost precision and using top-notch materials, this filter is your gateway to optimal clarity, color balance, and lens protection.

Key Features:

1. Premium Quality Materials: The Hoya HMC UV Filter is meticulously crafted with high-quality heat-resistant tempered glass. This premium material ensures a smooth and clear image for your camera lens, making it a valuable investment for photographers seeking superior results.

2. Cutting-Edge UV Ray Elimination: Experience unprecedented sharpness and clarity with the Hoya UV (C) filter. Engineered to eliminate the entire range of UV rays without compromising color balance, this filter allows you to capture vibrant and true-to-life images with every click.

3. Lens Protection: Safeguard your lens with the Hoya HMC UV Filter, designed for continuous use. Acting as a reliable shield, it protects your lens from scratches, dust, and other elements that could compromise the quality of your images. Invest in the longevity of your equipment.

4. Anti-Reflective Coating Technology: Minimize unwanted reflections and enhance image quality with the Hoya HMC UV Filter. Renowned for its advanced anti-reflective coating technology, this filter reduces flare and ghosting, ensuring your photos are free from distracting artifacts.

5. High Light Transmission: Boasting an impressive average light transmission of over 97%, the Hoya HMC filters are engineered to complement the performance of today's multi-coated lenses. Enjoy unparalleled clarity and detail in every shot, making this filter an essential tool for achieving professional results.


  • Type: UV Filter
  • Origin: Japan (JP)
  • Model Number: HOYA HMC UV Filter
  • Package: Yes

Elevate your photography with the Hoya HMC UV Filter 82mm – where quality meets precision, and every shot tells a story. Invest in the best to capture moments that last a lifetime.

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