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ZWO Narrowband 31mm Filter SII 7nm

ZWO Narrowband 31mm Filter SII 7nm

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The ZWO Narrowband 31mm Filter SII 7nm is a high-quality astronomical filter designed for narrowband astrophotography. This filter is specifically designed to enhance the visibility of the Sulfur-II emission line (672.4nm), which is commonly found in planetary nebulae, supernova remnants, and star-forming regions.

This 7nm filter is made of high-quality optical glass and features a multi-layer coating for superior image quality. It is compatible with ZWO's 31mm filter wheel and is suitable for use with a variety of cameras and telescopes.

With its narrow bandwidth and superior light transmission, the ZWO Narrowband 31mm Filter SII 7nm is an excellent choice for capturing stunning astrophotography images. So whether you are a professional astronomer or an amateur astrophotographer, this filter can help you capture clear and detailed images of the night sky.


Type: Monocular

Size: 31mm

Model Number: SII 7nm 31mm

Brand Name: ZWO

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