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Telescope Tube Rings Hoop 80mm 90mm 95mm 100mm 114mm

Telescope Tube Rings Hoop 80mm 90mm 95mm 100mm 114mm

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Elevate your astronomical experience with our precision-engineered Telescope Tube Rings Hoop, meticulously designed to provide a secure and stable foundation for your telescope tubes. Available in various fixed diameters (80mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, and 114mm), these tube rings are a versatile and essential addition to your telescope accessories.


  • Fixed diameter: 80MM
  • Includes: 1/4 screw holes×3
  • Ring thickness: 18MM


  • Fixed diameter: 90MM
  • Includes: 1/4 screw holes×5
  • Perfect fit for EQUINOX's 80ED Telescope


  • Fixed diameter: 95MM
  • Includes: 1/4 screw holes×5
  • Ideal for Takahashi's FSQ85, FS76DS, FS100dc, & FS100DF, etc.


  • Fixed diameter: 100MM
  • Includes: 1/4 screw holes×5
  • Ring thickness: 23MM


  • Fixed diameter: 114MM
  • Hole: 10-10 (7 hole)
  • Ring thickness: 25MM
  • Thread: 1/4
  • Compatible with Old Takahashi's FSQ106, TSA102, Sharpstar's 107PH, etc.

Each pair of tube rings features high-quality construction and 1/4 screw holes for easy and secure mounting. The varying thicknesses and diameters cater to a range of telescopes, ensuring a customized fit for optimal stability during your celestial observations.

Upgrade your telescope setup with these durable and reliable Telescope Tube Rings Hoop. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or a beginner, these accessories provide the stability and adaptability you need for an enhanced stargazing experience. Explore the universe confidently with precision-engineered telescope accessories.


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