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SharpStar 94EDPH F5.5 / 94EDPH with Reducer (F4.4)

SharpStar 94EDPH F5.5 / 94EDPH with Reducer (F4.4)

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SharpStar 94EDPH F5.5 / 94EDPH with Reducer (F4.4) is a high-quality refractor telescope designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. The telescope features a 94mm aperture and a fast F5.5 focal ratio that makes it ideal for capturing deep-sky objects. The optics consist of a triplet apochromatic lens made from premium ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass that delivers sharp and color-accurate images with minimal chromatic aberration.

In addition to the standard F5.5 configuration, the SharpStar 94EDPH is also available with a F4.4 reducer. The reducer can reduce the focal length of the telescope, resulting in a faster F4.4 focal ratio. This makes it perfect for capturing wide-field views of the night sky and is ideal for capturing objects such as the Milky Way and large nebulae.

The telescope has a durable and lightweight aluminum tube that is easy to transport and setup. The focuser is a 2.5-inch rack and pinion unit that is smooth and precise, allowing for accurate focusing. The tube also features a retractable dew shield that helps prevent dew buildup on the lens.

Overall, the SharpStar 94EDPH F5.5 / 94EDPH with Reducer (F4.4) is a versatile and high-performing telescope that is perfect for astrophotography enthusiasts who demand the best in quality and performance.


Water Resistance Level: IPX6

Type: Monocular


Brand Name: Askar

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