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SharpStar 61EDPH

SharpStar 61EDPH

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Introducing the NEW SharpStar 61EDPH III F5.9 High Precision Visual Photography Telescope, designed for both visual observing and astrophotography. With its ultra-low dispersion glass, this portable telescope offers unparalleled clarity and resolution, making it perfect for both amateur and professional astronomers.

The 61EDPH III features a 61mm aperture and a focal length of 360mm, providing a fast F5.9 focal ratio for wide-field observations. Its 2.5" focuser with compression ring and M63 camera connection allows for easy switching between visual and photographic observation modes.

The compact and lightweight design of the SharpStar 61EDPH III makes it ideal for on-the-go observing and astrophotography. Whether you're capturing stunning images of the night sky or exploring celestial objects in real time, this telescope offers exceptional performance and convenience.

Order your NEW SharpStar 61EDPH III F5.9 High Precision Visual Photography Telescope today and experience the beauty of the cosmos like never before.


Water Resistance Level: IPX6

Type: Monocular

Model Number: 61EDPH III


Brand Name: Askar

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