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Orion Starblast 90mm

Orion Starblast 90mm

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Celestial Wonders with Orion 90mm F/7.3 Burgundy StarBlast Refractor Telescope

Unveil the secrets of the night sky with the Orion 90mm F/7.3 Burgundy StarBlast Refractor Telescope. This exquisite refractor telescope combines superb optics, a stable AZ-3 mount, and a reliable tripod to provide astronomers of all levels with breathtaking views of the cosmos. Whether you're observing planets, star clusters, or distant galaxies, the StarBlast Refractor Telescope promises an extraordinary astronomical experience.

Key Features:

1. 90mm Achromatic Refractor Optics: Equipped with a premium 90mm aperture achromatic refractor lens, this telescope delivers remarkable image clarity and color correction. Enjoy sharp views of the moon's craters, the rings of Saturn, and captivating deep-sky objects.

2. F/7.3 Focal Ratio for Versatile Observations: The F/7.3 focal ratio strikes an ideal balance between magnification and field of view. This versatility allows you to explore both wide-field vistas and detailed planetary features with ease.

3. AZ-3 Mount for Smooth Navigation: The included AZ-3 altazimuth mount offers effortless navigation across the celestial landscape. Its intuitive design makes tracking objects smooth and enjoyable, perfect for beginners and experienced astronomers alike.

4. Sturdy Tripod for Steady Observations: The included tripod provides a stable and secure foundation for your telescope. Its adjustable height ensures comfortable viewing positions for observers of varying heights.

    Why Choose Orion:

    Orion is a trusted name in the world of astronomy, known for manufacturing reliable and high-performance telescopes. The StarBlast Refractor Telescope is a testament to Orion's commitment to providing enthusiasts with top-quality tools for exploring the universe.

    Unveil the Marvels of the Cosmos:

    With the Orion 90mm F/7.3 Burgundy StarBlast Refractor Telescope, you can unveil the marvels of the cosmos with awe-inspiring clarity. Observe the moons of Jupiter, the colors of double stars, and the ethereal beauty of distant nebulae.

    Join Our Enthusiastic Astronomy Community:

    By choosing Orion, you become part of a vibrant community of stargazers. Share your astronomical discoveries, gain insights from fellow enthusiasts, and deepen your connection with the cosmos together.


    • Optical Design: Achromatic Refractor
    • Aperture: 90mm
    • Focal Ratio: F/7.3
    • Mount Type: AZ-3 Altazimuth Mount
    • Tripod: Adjustable-Height Aluminum

    In the Box:

    • Orion 90mm F/7.3 Burgundy StarBlast Refractor Telescope
    • AZ-3 Mount and Tripod

    Enhance Your Celestial Exploration:

    Elevate your stargazing pursuits with the Orion 90mm F/7.3 Burgundy StarBlast Refractor Telescope. Experience the universe in breathtaking detail and redefine your connection with the night sky.


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