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Orion Starblast 70/500mm

Orion Starblast 70/500mm

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Orion StarBlast 70/500mm Altazimuth Travel Refractor Telescope

Unleash your astronomical curiosity with the Orion StarBlast 70/500mm Altazimuth Travel Refractor Telescope. This compact and portable refractor telescope is your ticket to fascinating celestial adventures, whether you're at home or on the move. Designed for both beginners and experienced stargazers, this telescope delivers crisp and detailed views of the moon, planets, and beyond.

Key Features:

1. 70mm Aperture Refractor Optics: Equipped with a 70mm objective lens, this refractor telescope captures ample light to reveal stunning lunar features and bright planets. Witness intricate details on the moon's surface and observe Jupiter's cloud bands with remarkable clarity.

2. Versatile Focal Length and Magnification: The 500mm focal length allows for a wide range of magnifications, making it ideal for observing both celestial objects and terrestrial scenes. Swap between eyepieces to customize your view and explore various targets.

3. User-Friendly Altazimuth Mount: The included altazimuth mount enables easy navigation of the night sky. It provides smooth up-and-down and side-to-side movement, making it perfect for beginners and casual observers.

4. Compact and Portable Design: Weighing only a few pounds and featuring a compact form factor, this travel telescope is ready for your stargazing adventures wherever you go. Set it up in your backyard, take it to a remote dark-sky site, or bring it along on your travels.

    Why Choose Orion:

    Orion is a trusted name in astronomy, renowned for producing top-quality telescopes and accessories. The StarBlast Travel Refractor Telescope is a testament to Orion's commitment to providing enthusiasts with reliable and accessible tools for exploring the cosmos.

    Uncover the Wonders of the Night Sky:

    With the Orion StarBlast 70/500mm Altazimuth Travel Refractor Telescope, uncover the wonders of the night sky in captivating detail. Gaze at distant galaxies, marvel at the rings of Saturn, and explore the treasures of the cosmos.

    Join Our Lively Astronomy Community:

    When you choose Orion, you become part of a vibrant community of stargazers. Share your astronomical encounters, gain insights from fellow enthusiasts, and deepen your connection with the universe together.


    • Optical Design: Refractor
    • Aperture: 70mm
    • Focal Length: 500mm
    • Focal Ratio: f/7.1
    • Mount Type: Altazimuth
    • Tripod: Adjustable-Height Aluminum

    In the Box:

    • Orion StarBlast 70/500mm Altazimuth Travel Refractor Telescope
    • Altazimuth Mount and Tripod

    Enhance Your Stargazing Adventures:

    Elevate your celestial pursuits with the Orion StarBlast 70/500mm Altazimuth Travel Refractor Telescope. Witness the beauty of the night sky and embark on an extraordinary astronomical journey.


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