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NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm

NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm

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Discover Night Photography Excellence with NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm

Unlock the true potential of your night photography with the NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm. Crafted for perfection, this filter is the key to capturing vivid, natural scenes while eliminating urban yellow light pollution. Whether you're using a micro single lens or an SLR, the 52mm diameter ensures compatibility and optimal performance.

Key Features:

  1. 52mm Diameter: Tailored to fit seamlessly with your equipment, the NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm is designed to deliver precise and reliable results. This versatile size ensures compatibility with a variety of lenses, making it a must-have for night photography enthusiasts.

  2. Light Pollution Defense: Say goodbye to the disruptive impact of mercury, sodium, and low CRI lampposts on your night shots. The Natural Night Filter effectively blocks the most common wavelengths of artificial light, restoring the natural visual perception of the night sky.

  3. Premium Optical Glass: Experience uncompromising image quality with the high-grade lens optical glass used in the construction of this filter. The exclusive NiSi nano coating enhances transmittance, ensuring sharpness without flare for consistently stunning results.

  4. Weather-Resistant Design: Don't let weather conditions hinder your creative vision. The filter features an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, allowing you to shoot in diverse conditions while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

  5. Versatile Applications: Whether you're capturing cityscapes or rural landscapes, the NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm is your go-to solution for reducing haze, eliminating halos, and achieving natural colors in night photography.

  6. Nano Coating Technology: As part of the NiSi Nano Coating range, this filter is equipped with Nano Coating treatment that reduces reflections, eliminates flare, and repels water and oil. Enjoy consistently clear shots with minimal effort.

Why Choose NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm:

  • Perfect Glass Size: The 52mm diameter makes it versatile and compatible with a range of lenses.

  • Effective Light Pollution Reduction: Block unwanted frequencies of artificial lights for authentic and captivating night photography.

  • Top-Notch Optical Quality: Crafted with the best optical glass available, ensuring exceptional performance.

Elevate your night photography to new heights with the NiSi Natural Night Filter 52mm. Order now to experience the magic of clear, vibrant, and natural night scenes, and let your creativity shine in the darkness.

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