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Hydrogen Alpha (H-Alpha) (Ha) Filter 72mm

Hydrogen Alpha (H-Alpha) (Ha) Filter 72mm

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Hydrogen Alpha (H-Alpha) (Ha) Filter 72mm: Revealing Celestial Marvels

Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha Filter) for 72mm Camera Lens

Embark on a cosmic journey and capture the essence of the universe with the H-Alpha Filter 72mm. Specifically crafted for astrophotography enthusiasts, this filter, featuring a 656nm wavelength and an ultra-narrow 20nm bandwidth, brings unparalleled clarity to your images of nebulae, ionized hydrogen, and other celestial wonders.

Key Features:

Astrophotography Precision: The H-Alpha Filter 72mm is meticulously designed to capture the specific H-Alpha emission line at 656nm, allowing you to reveal the intricate details of the night sky with unmatched precision.

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth: With an ultra-narrow 20nm bandwidth, this filter isolates the H-Alpha wavelength, minimizing light pollution and maximizing contrast in your astro-images. Immerse yourself in the cosmic tapestry with unparalleled clarity.

Generous 72mm Size: Perfectly sized at 72mm, this H-Alpha Emission Filter ensures compatibility with a range of camera lenses and telescopes. The included frame adds stability to your setup, allowing you to concentrate on capturing awe-inspiring astro-imagery.

Professional-Grade Construction: Crafted with precision optics, the H-Alpha Filter 72mm delivers professional-grade quality. Whether capturing solar prominences or distant nebulae, this filter ensures exceptional clarity and detail.

Hydrogen Alpha Filter 72mm Specifications:

  • Wavelength: 656nm
  • Bandwidth: 20nm
  • Size: 72mm
  • Frame: Included for stability

Illuminate Your Astrophotography Adventure:

Enhance your astrophotography experience with the H-Alpha Filter 72mm. Capture the subtleties of H-Alpha emissions, unveil the essence of the night sky, and embark on a celestial exploration like never before. Order your H-Alpha Filter 72mm now and witness the cosmos unfold in breathtaking detail!

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