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Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer

Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer

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🌌 Elevate Your Astrophotography Game with the Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer - Your Ultimate Solution to Filter Hassles!

🎨 Simplify Your Astrophotography Setup: Choosing and matching filters can be a daunting task, especially for those new to astrophotography. Say goodbye to confusion with the Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer - a five-in-one filter installation device that integrates marketable filters, telescope, and astronomy camera adapters. Streamline your setup and focus on capturing stunning celestial moments.

🔧 Key Components for Seamless Integration:

  1. Main Body of Askar Filter Drawer:
    • Accommodates the filter slider.
    • Connects the telescope and astronomy camera.
    • Features a smooth coating and the classic Askar logo.
  2. Filter Slider:
    • Carries the filters for easy swapping.
    • Designed with threads and circular grooves for mounted and unmounted filters.
    • Different openings cater to various filter sizes.
  3. Adapters at the Telescope Side:
    • Connects the filter drawer to the telescope.
    • Designed with M42, M48, and M54 threads for versatility.
  4. Adapters at the Camera Side:
    • Connects the filter drawer to the camera.
    • Designed with M42, M48, and M54 threads for flexibility.
  5. Filter Holding Ring:
    • Securely holds unmounted filters.
    • Available in three different sizes.
  6. Assembly Accessories:
    • Includes M2×4 countersink screws, M1.27 wrench, M3×2.5 grub screw, M1.5 wrench, M3×8 countersink screw, and M2 wrench for assembly and adjustments.

🔨 Simple Assembly Steps: Follow these steps for a hassle-free assembly of the Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer:

  1. Take out the main body of Askar filter drawer.
  2. Choose the appropriate camera adapter for your astronomy camera.
  3. Secure the camera adapter on the main body with 5 M3×8 countersink screws and the M2 wrench.
  4. Select a telescope adapter based on your telescope's thread type.
  5. Thread on the telescope adapter.
  6. Connect the filter drawer to your telescope.
  7. Connect your astronomy camera to the filter drawer.
  8. Ensure tight connections and correct back focus; add optional spacers if needed.
  9. Choose the appropriate filter slider for your filter.
  10. Insert the filter slider into the Askar filter drawer, and you're ready for astrophotography!

📸 Note: The displayed telescope, camera, and filters in pictures are for demonstration only and are not included in the kit. 

Experience astrophotography like never before with the Askar Multifunctional Filter Drawer - the ultimate solution to simplify your setup and capture the cosmos with ease. 🌠📷✨


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