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Askar FMA230 Astrograph Sharpstar

Askar FMA230 Astrograph Sharpstar

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Looking for an exceptional astrograph lens to capture stunning images of celestial objects? The Askar FMA230 Astrograph is a must-have for astrophotographers and amateur astronomers who want to take their imaging capabilities to the next level.

This powerful astrograph lens features a high-quality ED lens that provides ultra-sharp and clear images with minimal chromatic aberration. The lens has a focal length of 230mm, making it perfect for capturing detailed images of galaxies, nebulae, and other deep-sky objects.

Designed with advanced technology, the Askar FMA230 Astrograph is built to deliver precision and accuracy in every shot. It is compact and portable, making it easy to transport to your favorite stargazing spot.

This astrograph lens is suitable for both visual observation and photography. It features an easy-to-use helical focuser that allows for smooth and precise adjustments, ensuring that you can focus on your subject with ease.

So why wait? Order your Askar FMA230 Astrograph today and start capturing breathtaking images of the night sky!


Type: Monocular

Model Number: FMA230

Brand Name: Askar

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