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Wanderer Astro

WandererRotator Lite V2

WandererRotator Lite V2

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WandererRotator Lite V2 - Precision Camera Angle Adjustment for Astrophotography Mastery

Elevate your astrophotography with the WandererAstro Rotator Lite V2, a sleek and powerful motorized camera rotator designed for precision and control. ASCOM and INDI compatible, this rotator is engineered to meet the demands of modern astrophotographers, providing a seamless and efficient experience for camera angle adjustments.

🌌 Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Precision Rotation:
    • The WandererRotator Lite V2 offers high-speed rotation, reaching up to 3.5 degrees/second. Capture celestial wonders with exceptional precision, ensuring your images are sharp and detailed.
  2. Compact and Lightweight Design:
    • With an ultra-low profile of only 12mm, the Lite V2 is perfect for systems with limited back focus. Its lightweight construction adds minimal weight to your setup while providing maximum performance.
  3. Wide Aperture for Excellent Illumination:
    • The rotator features a wide 68mm aperture, ensuring excellent illumination for your astrophotography. Enjoy vibrant and well-lit images across your field of view.
  4. Patented Magnetic Structure Design:
    • WandererAstro's patented magnetic structure design guarantees zero flexure at any altitude. Experience rigidity comparable to an adapter ring at any angle, providing stability for optimal imaging.
  5. Enhanced Torque and Compact Design (V2):
    • The V2 version comes equipped with a higher-torque motor, enhancing its performance. The compact design ensures a seamless fit into your astrophotography setup.
  6. Payload Capacity and Field De-Rotation:
    • The Lite V2 rotator can hold a payload of up to 5kg with a center of gravity 15cm away from the rotator. Field de-rotation support is provided for users of alt-azimuth mounts and Dobsonians.
  7. Powerful and USB Type-C Control:
    • Powered by a 12V 1A DC source, the Lite V2 is controlled via a USB Type-C port. Enjoy compatibility with modern astrophotography software, such as N.I.N.A., and experience convenient and efficient control.
  8. Precision After Two Attempts and Backlash Compensation:
    • Achieve accuracy levels as low as 0.1 degrees after two attempts, with the added benefit of backlash compensation. Fine-tune your camera angles with precision for stellar results.

🚀 Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Rotation Speed: 3.5 degrees/second
  • Maximum Payload: 5kg
  • Aperture: 68mm
  • Profile Thickness: 12mm
  • Control: USB Type-C
  • Power Source: 12V 1A DC

⚙️ Unlock Precision and Control: Discover a new level of precision and control in your astrophotography journey with the WandererRotator Lite V2. Whether you're capturing deep-sky objects or planetary details, this motorized rotator is your key to mastering camera angle adjustments. Elevate your imaging experience with WandererAstro's commitment to innovation and excellence.


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